Keynote addresses:

I was one of the keynote speakers at 2nd African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) Centre of excellence for unemployment and skills development International conference, Cape Town, South Africa in August 2021. Title of presentation: Research and Publications Ethics (Conducting Ethical Research and Avoiding Plagiarism). Link to the presentation.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Caring Through Covid’ webinar series: Mental health and wellbeing: One of the presenters in a three-person discussion panel in a webinar series delivered to occupational health and safety professionals including IOSH members globally. March 2021

Magazine Publications and Interviews

I was interviewed by Matt Lamy from IOSH Magazine which resulted in the article ‘Shining a light on global OSH disparities’. Sept/Oct 2021 Edition, 42-44, IOSH Magazine. 2nd July 2021. 2021

The dangers of poor imitations. Jan/Feb 2021 Edition, 48-50, IOSH Magazine.