Research Interest

Nnedinma’s research interests are on:

• Improving project performance and business operations by focusing on better management and regulation of health, safety and wellbeing; better management of resources including using smart and digital processes; and ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion in projects and organisations.

• Understanding regulatory framework and compliance mechanisms in complex regulatory environments.

• Equality, diversity and inclusion in education so that students’ satisfaction and engagement and (by implication) performance can improve.

Consequently, while he is a socio-legal scholar, his other areas of research are regulation and compliance; health, safety, environment and well-being; construction and project management; construction management in developing countries; contextual influences in the aforementioned four areas; equality, diversity and inclusion; digital technology application; infrastructure development; learning and teaching; higher education research; and construction procurement.

Research Affiliations

  • Member, Inclusion and Social Justice Special Interest Group, Kingston School of Education, Kingston University, London. (2020 – date)
  • Member, International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) Early Career Research Network. (2021 – date)
  • Member, CIB W078 —Information Technology for Construction. (2021 – date)
  • Member, CIB W099 — Safety, Health and Wellbeing in Construction. (2021 – date)
  • Member, Research Committee, University College of Estate Management (UCEM), Reading. (2017 -2019)
  • Member, Property and Construction Research Centre, UCEM, Reading. (2017– 2019)
  • Member, Online Learning Research Centre, UCEM, Reading. (2017– 2019)
  • Member, Sustainable Built Environment Research Group, University of Greenwich, London. (2013 – 2017)